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GMO: Are we fear mongering?

GMO, or Genetically Modified Organisms, have become quite the topic in recent years. We sometimes get phone calls based on this very subject. What really surprises us is when a person either posts on our Facebook page or tells us verbally that because we are not growing GMO–and we’re being up front in informing everyone that our produce is non-GMO–that they are not going to support us in purchasing our produce. They believe we are what some have termed to be “Fear Mongering”. Hmm.

In Germany, they have done research determining that the orangish dye used in cheese (gasp!! Do you mean that cheese isn’t naturally that colour???) is detrimental to their nation’s population. A commendable stand to take; and they didn’t even get labeled as reactionary or ….fear mongering.

The trend now is to eat grass fed beef. Hormones from growing our food faster and bigger are proving to be perhaps not the greatest thing that should be fed to developing children, among other people. The people who are at the forefront of this movement are looked upon as forward thinkers.

Glysophate is taking a beating nowadays. The cure-all for the weed problem in crops and gardens has been found, in certain studies which decided court cases, to cause cancer. I personally am of the opinion that if it is used strictly for weed control and not to spray on or around the food itself in order to cause a uniform “death” (also known as “desiccation”) and therefore a more uniform harvest (a laudable goal, but I’d prefer it NOT to be on my food, thank you) then glysophate has a place. I’m not alone in that belief, but I do not enjoy the privilege of holding a “popular” opinion right now. I’m just very thankful that our hydroponic greenhouse does not support weed growth because of the fact that there’s no extra room (not to mention no soil) for weeds to really get a good foothold.

So why put on our labels and signage that we’re Non-GMO and Pesticide Free? For the extremely simple reason that just like WE prefer to know if we’re buying hormone-free, grass-fed beef and in that knowledge we want to be able to make an intelligent choice; we also know that many OTHER people would like to know that they have the option of choosing fresh produce that has been naturally propagated the old-fashioned way and grown without any chemicals or poisons applied.

No reason to fear anything. Every reason to remember that Knowledge is Power.