Why Golden Eden Produce?

Our non-GMO plants are grown in a pesticide-free greenhouse out in the middle of our hayfield which acts as a buffer to ensure that no chemicals or their residue ever come near your table. Fertilized using naturally acquired minerals and calcium, you can be sure that the produce you purchase bearing our label is as healthy as it appears.  

Our watering system relies upon our dugout/catch basin which is supplied by rain water, melted snow pack, and a natural spring.  Drip irrigation brings it to the plant.   Due to the source of our water, it has tested out perfectly for greenhouse produce.   Beautifully soft water, the nutrients in it from the natural setting it’s collected in are transmitted to the plants, enhancing the effects that the fertigation supplies.

Using Nature’s own defenses, we bring in friendly bugs to eat the pests which would damage or destroy the crops.  Working in an environment which includes lacewings and ladybugs among other “unsung heroes” provides an education to all of us as we watch Nature take its course.  This gives to the produce a special flavour devoid of the pesticidal residue which otherwise can be still on the conventional produce a person would buy.

Because of the Non-GMO quality of the produce, we have to package everything to prevent the delicate skins from being punctured by stems while sitting next to each other or in transport.  The packaging also helps to extend the life of the produce so that a person doesn’t have to feel the need to consume it all at once.

A Ladybug on a pepper plant moving towards pest bugs to eat them.